Windmills Of God
Windmills of God

Windmills Of God

We might all do well to find our own windmills to grease, just to keep our relationships running as smoothly as they can.It was early winter weekend when we just packed our bags in the late evening and drifted towards Munnar as a matter of fact an impromptu road-trip. Little I had the idea that it was going to become an experience of a lifetime and yet the cold was already intense full moon night. On our drive towards Munnar from Bangalore, we saw a stretch of windmills on either side of the road.

This particular region is also known for its sunny and hot temps. I had always been curious about the enormous size of the windmill, I know for a fact that they are big, at least from what I have seen from the pictures in the internet, but I did not expect that it’s as huge and gigantic as these. A visit to the Windmills was indeed an exhilarating and yet wonderful experience! One can never miss its extremely enormous blades shining in the moonlight happily waving at us in the sky. They are tall, white and silhouetted against the grayish black sky.If you wanna marvel on these windmills, this place can easily be reached through Malumichampatti to Udumalpet (Bangalore Munnar Route).If you do a panorama, at times you will witness at least 50 -100 windmills on each side.

I remember my astonishment when I first saw these giants stood firmly like giant electric blades protecting the Kanyakumari shoreline. The trivalent ocean as backdrop  adds to the nostalgic charm of this place ,but seeing these many windmills in the full moon night up close is totally different experience. It was  quite a sight to behold. As transfixed as I was at the sight, my than 6 years old son woke up from his sleep and was as awestruck as I was and he asked “Mamma! Who has switched on all the Fans &  where is the switch?” The first thing however, that came to my mind as soon as I heard him, was  Sydney Sheldon’s novel “Windmills of the Gods”

This expression comes from ancient Greek, translated as “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind small.” Or “God’s mill grinds slow but sure.” And here I am travelling to God’s own country-Kerala. Though his question was so innocent and naïve but if you think deeply.With each season(wind direction) of the windmill it tends to remind me about life.

We’re brought up to expect a happy ending. But there are no happy endings. There’s only death waiting for us. We find love and happiness, and it’s snatched away from us without rhyme or reason. We’re on a deserted space ship careening mindlessly among the stars.”
― Sidney Sheldon,

We need to remind that we can never dictate which direction the wind will blow. It would be illogical to think we could. The wind blows as it will. And in the same way, life goes not by our plans but of God’s will and wishes. We should be like a windmill.

Windmills were designed to be propelled by the wind, no matter which direction it’s blowing, in order to generate power.

To be empowered by the god’s guidance, we must do the same. We must be sensitive to which direction we are propelled to!

A sailor chooses the wind that takes the ship from a safe port. Ah, yes, but once you’re abroad, as you have seen, winds have a mind of their own. Be careful, careful of the wind you choose.”

I believe that most people would agree that there are way more diversions now then there used to be years ago. Distractions which lead to anxiety and deeper mindful concerns. We had only a single TV channel to watch. This monotony was disciplined as the TV station would actually shut off after a specific time interval every night. And so eagerly we used to wait for weekends for the special programs. Minimalism demonstrated at its best,lived each moment almost remember all of it till date. One phone in the house for whole family to use, no call waiting, or caller id. The News (mind you decent authentic News,not even compare todays debates) was only on at 1:00PM and 9:00PM.

I am not suggesting that we should go back to how it was. I am simply pondering there is so much information now compared to those days is this abundance required? The question it brings up to me is “What am I spending my time thinking about?” and “What am I spending my time doing?” My eye keeps going to the word “Destiny”.We are all victims of our destinies.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I walk the tightrope because I know that if God “called me” there? He will “keep me” there. Remember “God sees but waits”…I am like a leaf hanging over hope,drifting with the god’s wind whichever way he plans me to drift.The windmills of the god breezed into me an air of optimism, a belief in the Metaphysical and gave me a sign-that I would be truly blessed very soon.There is an energy to what we do, and it is a beautiful feeling it’s called bliss.

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and other build windmills.


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