Why We Procrastinate? So, What’s Your Excuse Now?
why- we procrastinate?

Why We Procrastinate? So, What’s Your Excuse Now?

Always Second thoughts:

Procrastinate=Excuses !

or delaying its such a negative word.

“In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

After lot of thought I figured out,we always need a strong reason to move isn’t it? At some point, we believe the lie that  we had to feel the NEED to be ready in order to change and keep waiting for that courage and confidence to build up.

 I looked at my plate evening snacks (osmania biscuits  with Irani Chai)“Salt & Sugar” are building blocks of a complete meal. 

But why do we procrastinate?

  1. As the days roll  by,  building blocks of soul i.e, “low self-esteem”and “low self-confidence” grows larger and larger,  until buried down for untapped potential and unfulfilled dreams. 
  2. So many people and those many incredible ideas, when things go wrong we eventually blame it on motivation.I read lately procrastination may be symptomatic of a psychological disorder. 

Conflicting Thoughts:

  1. Some days I have no idea how I’ll do it? Lately I realized motivation has nothing to do with it, we are human beings and we are naturally not programmed to do uncomfortable stuff which we label as tense, demanding, conflicting , difficult and also some times lazy.So procrastinate!
  2. Like looking for a new opportunity,breaking out of comfort zone.Things like updating our resume to look for a new job, confronting a situation that weighs us down, or pursuing a long held aspiration. So procrastinate!
  3. We constantly check for the easy way outs, and somehow our mind succeeds in triggering sensory signals to stop at all costs in times of uncertainty.
  4. Those fears make us cling on to the hope that if we take long enough, our situation will improve, or our misfortunes will magically vanish, replaced with newfound clarity and courage. So procrastinate!
  5. We seldom step out of our comfort zones in fact, over time we might feel the urge to make that desperate attempt in meeting ends but then it turns out not much of any credit-conflicting is the new uplifting.So procrastinate!

Playing Safe:

Then, I realized we are motivated to do stuff which is easy. Why is it so tough to do simple and little things?

I guess fear causes hesitation. It all starts with the habit of hesitating, that “weak” moment when your worst “risks” get magnified. sometimes life becomes a series of starting troubles:

Hesitations’ (those trembling moments of self-doubt). Is it lack of wisdom or a proof of my very own weakness? I was wondering how my life would have been different in certain situations if I wouldn’t have hesitated.

You can trace every single problem out of life if you can control that moment and realize that I am one decision away from a totally different life -a good job, sufficient income, flourishing relationship etc.,

Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the past and forge towards the future.

 Lastly remember time is precious and it’s slipping away. So without further adieu, just do it because Life rewards Action!

So Action ! Action ! Action!

“Just do one thing every day”-till it becomes a discipline and then procrastination will have  positive impact.

Always surprise! The thing with procrastination is often I am bored with what I am doing. If something is not interesting to me, I have a hard time finishing it. 

“Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.”

If you smiled,then inspire me with a

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