“S” for SUCCESS Or STUCK successfully?
Am i happy or struck?

“S” for SUCCESS Or STUCK successfully?


Grammar incorrect? I know “The PastPresent, and Future of “IS Success”.Much has changed in the evaluation of achievements during this period.Do you drag your feet when you wake up every morning? Do you feel stressed and lack motivation to work? If this is happening to you, you lack a meaningful vision in your career, business, and life.

Hmm! One more International Women’s Day is around the corner and each passing year I picture myself happy, successful…..settled. Instead of seeing a great deal of the broader perspective, my mind is imprisoned in a tiny little box.

 Multiple times in this year I concluded, “Being stuck.” Interestingly enough,not only I know the reason for being stuck, I also knew—deep within myself—what I needed to do about my situation.

Off late, I realized that we accumulate a lot of negativity inside of us-Claustrophobia(it’s like inhaling &  exhaling  negativity).Whether it’s  Relationships, personal life,people, career, Mundane daily routine everything  seemed toxic.Dissatisfaction persists beyond scrolls through social media.

May be time to make some changes and it seems like nothing could be done about it.

Another cause of feeling stuck can be the constant pressure to achieve in a world which values progress only. Definition of progress is not in job titles.

The reason most of the people taking time off to find themselves.Going to remote place trying to live in extreme weather conditions to keep a check on minimalist life style,”exile living” is possible for somebody single but it will be so selfish on behalf of a  mother to have such overwhelming gypsy thoughts.

This can make it incredibly difficult to take the time to reconsider areas of your life which you are not currently satisfied with, for fear of the potential uncertainty.

Amidst all these thoughts, I came early from office, made myself  a cup of tea and went to the Balcony. That was exactly when major paradigm shift happened.

Eye opener:

There was this fragile bug coiled in the cob web in the coconut tree,it was struggling to set itself free. ‘

One half of me was saying hey! sometimes insects just need our help. After all, we all live in the same planet.

The other half of me was waiting for the moment for it to set itself free on its own(the psycho me ah!)

 Finally it won. Happy !!

A bit of introspection here-The same holds true for my feelings too isn’t it? for being stuck in life? My situation is comparable to the bug the attempt of breaking free from quicksand. The more the struggle, the deeper I get in it.Its time to gt the bug out of head.

Sometimes I feel do I need help …probably a mentor(but if you can’t find a mentor, don’t wait around to get ahead. “Waiting for a mentor is like waiting to follow someone else’s lead,” but on the contrary I don’t, rather would like to succeed on my own,“Follow my own ”prefer carving my own niche……..I am proud to be “self -made”.

Many a times you will find yourself walking around in a circle. While it’s not going to  be in our hands to settle on whatsoever happens in our life, however, the way we see and react thereto can make all the difference.

Lastly I’ve realized that it takes a lot of courage,determination and than action to change perspective.

“ Face your fears.Be grateful for what you have”

Am I happy? then why do I feel Stuck?

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