Rage of Angel’s
Rage of Angels

Rage of Angel’s

Rage-Your anger is like the bubbles in a can of soda. The more you are shaken, the more you want to let it out. The longer you keep it in though, the greater the size of the eventual explosion – and the flatter the drink at the end.

Bubbles. Bubbles. My bubbles. Bubbles

soda fizz 

Just thought of taking a journey inwards today. We become the People we are largely due to the culture we experience. I find it half-baked when people say reading is a passion… growing up with a book in my hand. When it’s the self-realization which does wonders, the places in my mind the reading takes me to … picturing the events mentioned experiencing those, all this is a sheer passion. I feel I know myself a bit better just by spending time thinking through this. Read on …would love to know your journey.

The last 6 months have showed us loss. Losing loved ones, faith and of course, any semblance of business and profession. We are angry. Afraid. And, desperate to not appear so. 

Think of anger as residing on a continuum with many forms, expressions and levels of intensity: from mild irritations to full-blown rage; from a momentary outburst to a grudge held for years.  This type of anger is very dangerous.

Anger in the Workplace mind you is a worst kind, it can ruin your career and though you have not reacted on the outside at that time .But Action was evident in the form of a  blog post . I have a great laugh now what if he(boss) would have read.Simple, he was my boss he knew how stupid I could be…

I was never a topper…used to be above average. Never let my ambition run riot with my comfort. I completed my graduation and was waiting for an entrance form for MBA which apparently my uncle missed to fetch and I was at the verge of losing a year. I felt like the world had shrunk. There was so much rage at myself. Some angry days passed and then, I forgot all about it.

My father sat me down as he concluded that I was building grudge over the issue. He told me that rage is an energy only good until transformed-channel the anger. He always used to say don’t blast like firecracker all drama for 10 minutes and done with, after. I had to let it sink slowly and re direct those flames, those gorgeous orange embers… that warm you for a long time and keep you lit inside out.


Beneath anger is fear,” he said. “Beneath fear is a fixed belief. What is the belief that is driving your fear and anger?”It only works if it can help one’s, change behavior to positivity. It’s uncomfortable because at the end of the day it is a fire tamed, inside of you. It’s unsettling because it demands to be fed with a reaction. Otherwise, he said…no purpose. I made this mistake often in my early years. Chose  soda water fizz VS unsettling embers. still do …

Re-Purposing is something we have all lived with, re-purposing one for the other substituting one for the other. We didn’t know it had such a captivating name. We substitute our lives when we gave in to what the family needed. We re-purposed our personality when we couldn’t live with our wants and ambitions. Now, we just have to Re-purpose, the Purpose. Take time go with the flames way. It is painful but will get you to a place that will calm your urge for action. Make changes that are long term. Mind you trust that urge, it does not yearn for easy satiation. You don’t want just another job. You want it to matter to you. You want to matter to it.

As re-purposing becomes the new professional mantra, haven’t we been doing that in our personal lives too?

What better example for anger management than of Javagal Srinath(the ace bowler once in the Indian cricket Team). One image that is fixed in our minds is that of Srinath coming in to bowl and someone dropping it in the slips and Srinath expressing his anger or disappointment. I remember those day’s when I used to ask my brother to shout out loud for me for the first-10 and last 10 overs just to watch Srinath-the game changer my favorite. Less of that happens now … wasn’t beating Pakistan in Pakistan motivation enough. Anger should not be avoided but channeled in a right way to up skill one’s performance. 

You can say it’s like a catalyst which keeps a watch on every move of the person for which you have such grudge. I am sure most of us would come in this category.

“That’s right. We all experience unpleasant things sometimes. It’s okay if we feel sad or angry. But if we let our negative feelings and emotions build up, it will eventually explode like this soda. So we need to understand our feelings and learn how to manage it.”

”Anger is one letter away from danger – letter ‘d’ in front. The coolant of anger is also letter ‘d’ because ‘d’elay is the ‘d’efeat of anger.”

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