Perseverance in the face of adversity

Perseverance in the face of adversity

Perseverance is important to succeed in order to have a successful life,I had a whole other topic planned for today’s post. But as I sat down to finish it, my mind went blank.I even have a draft open. Problem-solving thoughts began to float in my mind, “Okay, I only have about an hour right now. To- do-list is some times so difficult to follow I am more than a time table always on alert mode. I am not a bot.Seemingly procrastination is the mood for today but no I won’t let it.Maybe I could check some other things off my to-do list. Discipline is something which sometimes gets on my nerves,and here,I am writing about perseverance.

To start with let’s say it’s OK and it’s normal, don’t worry too much.Nothing happens as per plan,we all are works in progress that mistakenly think we’re done.Or maybe I have an old post I wrote forever ago and never shared.

Perseverance  and Persistence:

And suddenly I realized two things

1.) I sat down to stay focused and create a blog post, and that is exactly what I’m going to do.

2.) The way I accomplish that goal is up to me, and it’s okay not to finish the blog post I originally planned on but rather rewriting my own post from LinkedIn.

The difference between succeeding and not succeeding is belief. You create your own vibe either “positive” or “negative”. Stay fit…Be calm… Be busy don’t suppress negativity……let it go…If you say “I can” “I am” “I will” then it will happen. When you prepare your mind to positivity half the job is already done. Believing in yourself creates paths that you may have never even dreamt.

Sundar Pichai saysWear your failure as a badge of honour!

I would say “wear your failure as an armor, so that nobody can use it against you ……rather than the shield to hide behind”.

Accept the failure.Be prepared to be stressed and depressed. Be prepared though, to get up every single time you get knocked down. Every! Single! Time!

Expectations, I suppose are the root cause for depression which leads to let’s accept more and expect less. You will have many opportunities to reinvent yourself. Its really worth taking risks and trying to do something you are really excited about. Give yourself rest when you need it and then continue forward towards your dreams. If we cultivate this culture of optimism there is no scope of depression.

At the end of the day it’s all about being Happy

 “The ones who push their limits eventually find it.” 


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