Positive Impact of Coronavirus  Nature’s Reverse Strategy-look who is caged now?
Nature's Reverse Strategy-look who is caged now!

Positive Impact of Coronavirus Nature’s Reverse Strategy-look who is caged now?

Positive Impact of Corona

Caged:God of small things:

It’s God’s own way of referring to hold on ;pause;look back and autocorrect ourselves before it’s too late. Such beliefs should impact every one’s ethics and actions. This is a difficult and terrible time, but we have to come out of it.

We“Human beings “are intelligent and wise among all other creations. By being wise we have done the most irreversible damage by contaminating most essential needs for life: air, water & food. We’ve known for a while that bumblebees and many other species have been declining over recent decades.

IQ vs EQ :

Most disasters are influenced to some degree by human choices. It’s distressing how the other living beings live in harmony with nature.

Man’s quest for better life has caused havoc to environment. Does this behavior vindicate over Intelligence and Wisdom,tube thinking or perhaps “Caged thinking”.

Maybe it’s time to revoke the inner wisdom and study Artificial intelligence. Our existence has to do more with wisdom than intelligence (is the ability to solve a problem within certain time limit).Intelligence vs memory.

It’s mostly about quickness & accuracy whereas wisdom is about the choice to act accordingly. Apparently, we’re living in a culture that rewards Memory above Wisdom.

Competition among countries and individuals has made us greedy and cruel. Unexpected side effect of the Pandemic is nature is making the most of the human intolerance today (as we are caged) by reclaiming its spaces.

This is actually making me think who is the real “Virus”.Its incredible to see how in such a short time nature can adapt to the changing of human habits. We didn’t mend our ways in any of the previous calamities.

Green stimulus:

This time, the animal instinct replaced the human instinct, thus proving its superiority.

The need for a “U”turn:

Hopefully this is something world can remember when the pandemic is over and apply to the ways we think about environment policy moving forward.

As, I am on the verge of closing article, I see my son (7 yrs) sitting beside me scribbling busily making a bucket list of advanced hi-tech toys (MIKO Robot at the top). I guess change has to start from home.

So, decided to make the most of the lock down by simple living in traditional ways. Minimalism is the new trend.

Though I am deeply engrossed in typing,I can hear loud clapping, clanging of plates, blowing of conch shells at their terraces & balconies (neighbor-hood) -it’s just a gesture as announced by our honorable PM Mr. Narendra Modi to show unity as well as respect for the medical staff out there who are risking their own lives and helping patients.

It’s an amazing feeling like “one for all and all for one” kind of thing. I did my bit.

“May be this cage has been a cocoon all along”.

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