Is it even right to demonize the whole Bengali community just for Rhea Chakraborty since she is a Bengali women?
Trolling Bengali Women

Is it even right to demonize the whole Bengali community just for Rhea Chakraborty since she is a Bengali women?

Bengali women's obsession for big fishBlame game:Trolling of Bengali women on the rise post Sushant-Rhea case

Trolling of Bengali women on the rise post Sushant-Rhea case:

 The controversy over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has taken ugly turn and now social media has been flooded with stereotypical posts against Bengali women — because Rhea Chakraborty is a Bengali.

Bangali women are constantly sought after on social media and abused in public.What a plight?

What an interesting question. This actually made me pause and think— or,hmm! to be more precise, take note of why is it so.

I too have noticed a stereotype slowly growing and aligning towards Bengali girls as Trolls have labelled Bengali women as “gold-diggers”, “manipulative”, “dominating” “hypnotisers”, “profane & promiscuous”.They were also slut-shamed and labelled as women who perform kala jadu, hypnotize men, catch big fish (rich men) and use them as their ATM cards. 

This stigma against Bengali women hasn’t been created now. It exists for a very long time.Now, it has got ultimate platform on TV. “Bangali ladkiyan bahut tez hoti hain”. Bytez’, they mean women with loose morals.

My hypothesis: Having lived nationally(across locations) I did have few Bong girl friends; And, I have hung out with a lot of Bengali’s, with that experience, I’m telling you-Bengalis love to take pride in their culture, language, and identity, and it is non-negotiable. They love to worship Rabindranath Tagore or Satyajit Ray who doesn’t?

The fact that Bengalis are pretty awesome is a no-brainer. They tend to come off a little too strong as if they are possessed by Kali, and must win this debate at all cost.It’s because they are brought up in a very free society, which acknowledges their individuality and cherish independence compared to many other Indian communities.

They’re the most progressive of Indian women, a good liberal upbringing has also had several prominent female leaders. Bengali culture is very left-wing and female-oriented that’s the at some point of time in the past had the lowest crime rate.

However, they have their own set of pros and cons. Owing to this type of upbringing, most Bengali women are feminists and somewhat not wanting to be submissive to anyone and keeps their head held high. You are WORRIED about some negative traits you MAY find, they CAN be – things are a little over rated according to me,

· Self-centered to the point of being selfish

· Intolerant

·Too loud

Truth: This kind of generalization is impossible. Basically, everyone hates and discriminates against each other on many basis in order to meet their own requirements, needs and satisfaction: skin color, religion, status, language, caste/social class and education, so on and so forth. So, it’s perfectly normal.(Not saying it’s right). Regional rivalry?

As I have already revealed, I grew up in different places, so I have friends all over. Not only Bihari’s and Odiya’s, but even Assamese too harbor animosity towards Bengali’s. They despised being called Bengali somewhat in a very derogatory way.They claim that Bengali girls were taught from the very young age to catch big fish (rich men) and use them as their ATM cards. 

Language (especially accent) and food are probably the two easiest ways to stereotype. We’ve all heard jokes about Biharis, Punjabis and ‘South Indians’.

Hmm! Having mentioned, I’m south Indian; ee get mad when someone calls us “Madrasi” purposely feel like yelling (@#%&*!) By the way Madras is not a state entire south India has 4 more rather now 5 more why didn’t you read geography in school.

By the way, I am Telugu.Even though we speak different languages, our mother tongue affects us the most. Bengali and Tamil speak English fluently, somehow the tone comes into their manner of speaking.

I wonder what if these two kinds of mindsets get married are there any ?How they are getting along? If yes, please share your stories.

Summary: Assumptions, being Judgmental have become a part and parcel of our lives. So, the easier route is to go with the flow. Tough route, raise a voice whenever a person in conversation is being judgmental. Despite of all communal conflicts at the end of all these controversies we must not forget that we are Indians first and united in our diversity.

( Disclaimer: Written entirely based on personal experiences & observations. ladies please don’t get offended.)

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Paromita Mitra
Paromita Mitra
10 months ago

Hello! It was my pleasure reading your factual article. I must say this is a great endeavor to write on the narrow-minded follies of people who have very limited knowledge on other communities of their own country. Gold-diggers are available in all communities… to categorize one particular community as such due to the current scenario is quite ridiculous! Being a Bong woman myself – I am not at all angry but find these type of trolls quite hilarious. I ask myself how weak is the education system of the country which produces morons who are targeting Bengali girls/women? We all know mostly Bengali girls are educated/highly-educated and are usually bread-earners – so why on earth would they resort to such dubious means? Moreover, when needed they meet the financial-needs of the entire family. & we really give two hoots to all such allegations!!! Please keep writing…

~ Paromita Mitra

Last edited 10 months ago by Paromita Mitra

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