I am my own RAINBOW
i am my rainbow

I am my own RAINBOW

Rain Rain please don’t go away!

Petrichor is one of my weaknesses in rainy seasons.With the onset of monsoon relieving from searing heat, the sky was tar black and clouds were moving towards me.

Lazy Sunday morning, spending some “me time” doing introspection. Somehow, I could not collect my thoughts. Even when I had the ideas, I was not able to find the words for it.

Hopefully! It was as if the weather was mirroring my personal state of mind, beckoning me to write. As if reminding me, there is no escape from my share of thunder and rain.

I kept gazing at the sky hoping for a sign of sun and a rainbow. I remember as a kid wondering what chasing a rainbow would feel like.

We call this a rainbow, but actually that’s only a name for something that arises from many not so colorful elements. It takes sunlight, water, and other conditions to come together in a moment for the magical experience we call rainbow to appear. And when one or more conditions change, the rainbow disappears.

Mood swings are like that. It is made of non-anger elements.

Rainbows are magic! No matter how torn, battered, and bitter my heart gets, I will always believe magic can be found at the end of a rainbow. Not so sure about that pot of gold theory, but that’s a whole another story! 😉

A rainbow actually has no beginning or end, its circular and shows that everything keeps going.

But how weird is that we often try to complete an imaginary rainbow that’s vaguely visible on the cloudy sky come on ! that is supposed to be incomplete.

Ahem! No matter how much I longed and imagined, the visibility of the rainbow in the blank sky is no luck. In addition, somehow I had a clogged mind about what I am trying to achieve and where I am heading to.

Even though I still do not have any directions about my journey, I was able to look at things with a fresh new perspective.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you.

” Life is as fleeting as a rainbow. Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better… Life will always be complicated learn to be happy right now”.

A beginning after a storm, a brightness within in a storm, holding a rainbow of positivism inside of you all the time. That is when I decided, this is it — you are your own rainbow.

You are your own rainbow… and you… only you…can choose the colors that bring peace and happiness into your life!!!


I am my own rainbow 2!

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Lipika Sharma
8 months ago

Nice Chengalva,

Keep Rocking…..


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