“Dard mein kuch khaas hai” means  “Being hurt is a special sensation”
Hurt is a specific sensation "dard-mein-kuch-khaas-hai"

“Dard mein kuch khaas hai” means “Being hurt is a special sensation”

Hurt pain Sensation is good-Dard mein kuch Khaas Kai

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that’s real “Hurt”

This is one of those songs that’ll give you goosebumps and chills down your spine

Pain is a specific sensation”:

We all are born with our fair share of happiness and sorrow. Pain is a part of life, there is something mystical about it. Ouch that hurts !!

The Wound heals but the scar remains I am not scared of it. I don’t sympathize with pain but it, can actually be a good feeling. This acceptance that there is no escape from it and you have to tolerate it no matter what strengthens me.

 Each time I get hurt I remember not to forget the lesson. I am in no hurry to bury it because ‘cure’ is in ’cause’ itself. If, you become friends with this thought, you can conquer depression.
Would you believe, if I said that pain motivates me to be better because it’s the only emotion that keeps me grounded. It defines me and makes me more humble, binds me to others going through similar phase.

 Perhaps, I am on one of my sweeping states of madness. No, I am not a depressed soul, albeit rather very alive and happy go lucky type of a person.

 I don’t have a negative outlook towards beautiful happenings in life I am not broken hearted but what intrigues me about pain is the revelation of people’s true nature who will be mine and walk through thick and thin along with me and that special bond with them. 

Pain means hope, the hope that lies within me to attain peace.Pain empowers!

thankfully when everything hurts its music to fall back to.

 The marks humans leave are too often scars.

If you smiled,then inspire me with a

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